Bitcoin Alerts: Keep on Top of Bitcoin Price

By Lemley


The recent rally in bitcoin has everyone believing that the coin is due for another major rally. Many cryptocurrency investors are fully aware that the price of bitcoin fluctuates rapidly every so often. Keeping on top of cryptocurrency price movements is essential to people who actively trade bitcoin for profit. This is why many cryptocurrency investors have implemented a technology that will help get them expedient information with little or no effort.

This technology is called bitcoin alerts. Coin alerts are beneficial because they will provide the user with price movement alerts to their cell phone, computer, email, and through social media. Keeping on top of bitcoin price movements is easy with bitcoin alerts. You can set up your bitcoin alert by visiting is a website that will provide you with essential alerts on bitcoin price movements that are necessary for trading. Let’s look at why is critical when monitoring bitcoin price movements.

On The Go Information

Awara’s web-based technology provides users with the necessary bitcoin alert. Today, there are many tasks that professionals need to complete while on the road. Having an alert system is essential in today’s busy on the go environment. Those who monitor bitcoin’s price movement on a day-to-day basis will benefit from the ability to receive alerts to computer devices that they use.

Bitcoin alerts can be received on your iPad, Macintosh, desktop computer, laptop, email, and even cell phone. Getting the much-needed information within minutes or hours of the significant price movement will help you make an informed decision regarding your cryptocurrency investment. Obtaining information from devices that you use daily will ensure that you monitor the price movement of bitcoin effortlessly.

Major Price Swings

Using Awara’s technology, you can be alerted to significant price swings that occur with bitcoin. Getting bitcoin alerts about major price swings are necessary when you are managing your bitcoin portfolio. This is because substantial price swing movements are where investors make their entrance and exit decisions for investments.

Let’s take a case study, for example, on why having bitcoin alerts are essential. It is common knowledge among bitcoin training professionals that when bitcoin surges 10% or more in less than a week, the bitcoin tends to rally for a profit of about 80% of the time. Bitcoin alert users that track for bitcoin surges of 10% or more in less than a week will know that they should enter in a position as quickly as possible. At the same time, while they are entering the position, they should set an exit bitcoin price alert in case the bitcoin does not rally.

24 Hour Alerts

The great thing about having bitcoin alerts using Awara’s technology is the ability to receive alerts 24 hours a day. Cryptocurrency trades 24 hours a day, and the need to monitor price movements at any time of the day is necessary. Bitcoin alerts that are pushed to your cell phone or iPad device near your bed can awaken you with a unique noise in case you require these alerts past midnight.

Efficient Use of Time

Bitcoin investors do not want to be bothered with nonvolatile price movement, which is characteristic of bitcoin a majority of the time. Instead, bitcoin alerts will allow the bitcoin investor to act on information once in a while. This allows the bitcoin investor not to be consumed entirely by their investment but can use their time wisely and devote time to other projects.


Those who have taken advantage of bitcoin price movements over the last decade have made hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions being on top of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a very volatile investment where investors can take advantage of price swings that can occur at any time of the day.

To accurately trade the bitcoin on an hourly or day-to-day basis, the investor must need to have alerts in place so that the investor can take advantage of bitcoin volatility. Some traders do not stay next to their devices at all times. Instead, they can monitor the price of bitcoin through an app called Awara that provides bitcoin alerts through computer devices and email.

Those who are not actively trading bitcoin and would like to know up-to-date information on the price of bitcoin and even news can take advantage of the Awara application. Knowing of instant bitcoin alerts to significant price movements can help investors research into why the major price movement is happening. The bitcoin alert will help the investor in bitcoin have a piece of mind that their investment is not making major price movements a majority of the time. However, when the price movements do happen, they will spend their time efficiently locating the reason behind the overall price movement.

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