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How to Get the Most Out of Your Gaming Keyboard


What to Look for in a Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards come in all simple and complex variations with a variety of different price points. Gaming keyboards can greatly differ by quality, performance, and price. There are many things you will need to be looking for when choosing your gaming keyboard, such as quality of the build, comfort, and customization.

Make sure you get a keyboard that is anti-ghosting. Ghosting is when a keyboard stops registering keys if you’re pressing multiple keys at once. This is also know as key rollover. Traditional keyboards may only be able to read two keys at once, but the ideal gaming keyboard should be able to read an unlimited number of keys at once. Standard for gaming keyboards is about 6 keys at once, but there are higher-end models that have no key rollover whatsoever. These are definitely the best gaming keyboards for serious players.

The type of switch that sends the key command to the computer once you press the key can also make a huge difference as far as functionality goes for your gaming keyboard. The preferred switch type for gaming keyboards is mechanical, as compared to more traditional keyboards that have a membraneous switch. If you’ve ever taken apart a keyboard, you’ve seen the gelatinous mass that is hit when you push a key. These types of switches can be floaty and unreliable in the competitive gaming market. Mechanical switches are the go-to for serious players.

The quality of the build as far as durability is concerned is another key factor when deciding on a good gaming keyboard. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is generally always true, and that’s no different when it comes to gaming keyboards. Serious players shouldn’t shy away from spending a hefty amount on a gaming keyboard so that they can be assured it will both last a lifetime and perform well for it.

Lastly, be sure your keyboard is fully customizable and has the amount of keys you will need for the games you want to play. Many keyboards come with different mapping software, and you will want to be well-versed in their different capabilities and limitations. A lot of keyboards for serious gamers will have a number of extra keys that a traditional keyboard would not. These are used for programming specific macros, or multi-button functions. Finding the right keyboard can be tricky, so don’t rush it.

I would suggest you checkout MetaEdge Gaming Performance Brand. They make some of the best gaming peripherals I have ever used.

Getting the Most Out of Your Gaming Keyboard

Get to know it

All gaming keyboards are the same, yet different. You will want to become fully accustomed to your gaming keyboard so that you can know it like the back of your hand. You will also want to make sure it knows you, too, and that you break it in plenty before expecting the most out of it. Looking down at your keyboard while in the throes of a deathmatch can prove an unyielding victory for your competitor. Knowing exactly where each key is and what it’s set to will make you an invincible gaming machine.

Take advantage of all the keys

Gaming keyboards will usually have some extra keys, and they will have these for a reason. Customizing controls and setting your own personal macros to the keys you choose will both personalize and greatly enhance the experience you will have with your gaming keyboard.

Customizing the lights

Gaming keyboards generally feature a fully-lit LED display that can be modified to your whims. These modifications can correlate with gameplay or just be made to look nice and fit in with your gaming environment. Some games even work in tandem with the lights on your gaming keyboards to give you a multi-dimensional and immersive experience.

Treat it right

Your gaming keyboard should be a valued tool in your gaming conquests. Don’t hit it just because some tricky player gets a shot in before you do. Also, if your computer crashes, it’s not your keyboards fault, and never spill your Mountain Dew on it. When the keys start sticking, it can be hell to make them click the same way ever again. Your gaming keyboard needs to be treated just right and it will treat your right in return.

Bitcoin Alerts: Keep on Top of Bitcoin Price


The recent rally in bitcoin has everyone believing that the coin is due for another major rally. Many cryptocurrency investors are fully aware that the price of bitcoin fluctuates rapidly every so often. Keeping on top of cryptocurrency price movements is essential to people who actively trade bitcoin for profit. This is why many cryptocurrency investors have implemented a technology that will help get them expedient information with little or no effort.

This technology is called bitcoin alerts. Coin alerts are beneficial because they will provide the user with price movement alerts to their cell phone, computer, email, and through social media. Keeping on top of bitcoin price movements is easy with bitcoin alerts. You can set up your bitcoin alert by visiting https://awara.io.

Awara.io is a website that will provide you with essential alerts on bitcoin price movements that are necessary for trading. Let’s look at why awara.io is critical when monitoring bitcoin price movements.

On The Go Information

Awara’s web-based technology provides users with the necessary bitcoin alert. Today, there are many tasks that professionals need to complete while on the road. Having an alert system is essential in today’s busy on the go environment. Those who monitor bitcoin’s price movement on a day-to-day basis will benefit from the ability to receive alerts to computer devices that they use.

Bitcoin alerts can be received on your iPad, Macintosh, desktop computer, laptop, email, and even cell phone. Getting the much-needed information within minutes or hours of the significant price movement will help you make an informed decision regarding your cryptocurrency investment. Obtaining information from devices that you use daily will ensure that you monitor the price movement of bitcoin effortlessly.

Major Price Swings

Using Awara’s technology, you can be alerted to significant price swings that occur with bitcoin. Getting bitcoin alerts about major price swings are necessary when you are managing your bitcoin portfolio. This is because substantial price swing movements are where investors make their entrance and exit decisions for investments.

Let’s take a case study, for example, on why having bitcoin alerts are essential. It is common knowledge among bitcoin training professionals that when bitcoin surges 10% or more in less than a week, the bitcoin tends to rally for a profit of about 80% of the time. Bitcoin alert users that track for bitcoin surges of 10% or more in less than a week will know that they should enter in a position as quickly as possible. At the same time, while they are entering the position, they should set an exit bitcoin price alert in case the bitcoin does not rally.

24 Hour Alerts

The great thing about having bitcoin alerts using Awara’s technology is the ability to receive alerts 24 hours a day. Cryptocurrency trades 24 hours a day, and the need to monitor price movements at any time of the day is necessary. Bitcoin alerts that are pushed to your cell phone or iPad device near your bed can awaken you with a unique noise in case you require these alerts past midnight.

Efficient Use of Time

Bitcoin investors do not want to be bothered with nonvolatile price movement, which is characteristic of bitcoin a majority of the time. Instead, bitcoin alerts will allow the bitcoin investor to act on information once in a while. This allows the bitcoin investor not to be consumed entirely by their investment but can use their time wisely and devote time to other projects.


Those who have taken advantage of bitcoin price movements over the last decade have made hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions being on top of the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a very volatile investment where investors can take advantage of price swings that can occur at any time of the day.

To accurately trade the bitcoin on an hourly or day-to-day basis, the investor must need to have alerts in place so that the investor can take advantage of bitcoin volatility. Some traders do not stay next to their devices at all times. Instead, they can monitor the price of bitcoin through an app called Awara that provides bitcoin alerts through computer devices and email.

Those who are not actively trading bitcoin and would like to know up-to-date information on the price of bitcoin and even news can take advantage of the Awara application. Knowing of instant bitcoin alerts to significant price movements can help investors research into why the major price movement is happening. The bitcoin alert will help the investor in bitcoin have a piece of mind that their investment is not making major price movements a majority of the time. However, when the price movements do happen, they will spend their time efficiently locating the reason behind the overall price movement.

Is CPI A Good Metric For Gauging The Success Of Your Mobile Apps?


The Importance of Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Method

There are numerous digital marketing methods you can use to promote your products. But when it comes to mobile apps, only a handful of those methods have proven to be successful. As an app developer, you care so much about raising awareness to your products and having them garner as many installs as possible within the shortest time span. To make that happen, you’ll need to choose the most practical marketing technique. That involves scouting for a competent publisher who will successfully drive your mobile app campaigns. The publisher must be a company that enjoys a long history of success.

Remember that the mobile app industry is a sector that mainly targets a sensitive consumer demographic. Most members of this demographic comprise of millennials whose shopping patterns are always unpredictable. As such, you deserve a publisher that can target their ads specifically to this market segment and appeal to their pain points. One of the fundamental questions you’ll need to ask your mobile app marketing network is the kind of product promotion techniques they use. At the very least, the publisher must employ mobile app marketing methods that deliver maximum value to the app developer at minimal expenditure. And that’s where Cost per Install marketing comes in.

CPI And Why You Need It

Cost per Install is a digital marketing technique where an app developer hires an ad publisher to market their products. The vendor only pays when these marketing campaigns result in real app installs. CPI marketing is, by far, the only successful mobile app promotion technique. That’s because it’s a performance-based model.

Think of it as a company boss who only pays his sales assistants based on the actual sales made as opposed to the efforts they put up in trying to push the products. Being a performance-based model, the ad publisher you hire for your CPI mobile app promotion campaigns will really exert themselves. That’s because they’re aware their earnings depend on the number of app installs they influence, and not just the traffic they drive to your website.

How Does CPI Compare to Other Similar Pricing Models?

  1. CPM

CPM denotes Cost per 1,000 impressions. It’s an impression-based pricing model where the price a publisher charges is determined by the number of impressions served. Generally, payments are made every 1,000 times that the commercial is shown to potential customers.

One advantage of CPM is that it serves to increase awareness of an app. Since the publisher gets their cut after every 1,000 impressions, they would endeavor to ensure they achieve that milestone within the shortest time possible.

However, increasing visibility to your app is as far as it goes. There’s never a guarantee that these potential customers will download your app. Besides, it’s difficult to track how many new impressions are made with CPM, considering most internet users have more than one online identity. So overall, CPM doesn’t guarantee real app installs.

  1. CPC

CPC implies Cost per Click. This is a click-based pricing model where you pay an ad publisher depending on the number of clicks their ads garner. Like CPM, CPC is a good way of increasing exposure to your mobile app. But as you probably already know, viewers clicking on an ad doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll install the app.

Indeed, most ad publishers have always leveraged this pricing model to their advantage. What they do is come up with visually-captivating ads that any online user would click and view. However, the publishers deliberately fail to attach the real product value to those ads. As such, viewers only click to get entertained. When it comes to the part where they should download the app, they close and exit the ad. Not because they’re disinterested in the product, but because the ad didn’t appeal to their pain points.

  1. CPA

CPA, or Cost per Action, is a pricing model where a vendor pays an advertising channel for specific actions that users complete. Examples of these actions include going through tutorials, registration, taking surveys, or making a purchase.

Though it bears some resemblance to the CPI pricing model, the CPA model still doesn’t guarantee that a user will install your app.

How Does CPI Marketing Differ?

The first fundamental difference between CPI and the other digital marketing models is that in CPI, you pay for what you see. Nearly all other performance-based models work to the advantage of the ad publisher.

Another advantage of CPI is that you can track the metrics using a trusted third-party system. Through CPI campaigns, you not only monitor the performance of your mobile apps. Instead, you can also draft an accurate advertising budget since there are no hidden charges involved.

The CPI marketing model is so designed that the app developer wins both ways. After allocating a budget to your ad publisher, you wait for them to influence real app downloads. When that happens, you pay them a commission based on the laid-down terms. But even if you don’t garner app installs, the ad campaigns will definitely boost the traffic to your website. With many users trooping to your site, your brand will gain more exposure as search engines now try to rank you higher on SERPs. But here’s the best part – you don’t pay for the number of traffic to your site. You can look at it like growing your audience without investing anything.

CPI also differs from other pricing models in that you can control when to stop campaigns from poorly-performing publishers. You only have to set timelines and milestones. And if the advertising network doesn’t meet those milestones, you can easily end the partnership and look for better-performing companies. Lastly, CPI is ideal for budding app developers with limited resources.

Even with only a single mobile app to your name, you can still dictate how much you allocate in promoting it.

CPI is undoubtedly the most reliable performance-based mobile app marketing technique. However, the success of your marketing campaigns still comes down to the company you hire. Experts recommend going for reputable marketing companies with a wider audience. MobieRanker is one of the best CPI marketing companies with access to millions of followers. The company endeavors to help its clients garner real app installs as it also seeks to rank those products higher in the App Store, for maximum exposure. You can buy iOS app installs with MobieRanker today as the first step towards giving your app the much-required visibility.

Summoners War The MMORPG turn-based Mobile Game


Summoners War remains an MMORPG turn-based video game. In this game, players will have to summon a plethora of beasts and other dangerous creatures to fight. Collecting Mana and Crystals will help to speed your performance in this video game for mobile devices. In Summoners War, you will discover a massive summoning system that enable for supports and in-depth personalization of a variety of playstyles. The game stormed the marketplace around June 12, 2014 and became a global sensation. Com2uS remains the publisher of the game and its playerbase is high.

Major Features:

1P and PvP modes – Players have the opportunity to play alone or compete with other rivals in this game

Turn-oriented RPG combat – With some critical effects and great abilities, players will enjoy the final fabulous-motivated RPG wars in this video game

Advice forums – On the individual monster pages, you have the opportunity to read comments and amazing advice from all gamers. This is possible because of the Summoners War inbuilt system

Monster collection – To satisfy your playstyle, there are several monsters to evolve, upgrade and collect

Sky island headquarters – Players will be given the opportunity to construct their hub or protection fortress from the scratch

Game Overview:

As mentioned above, this a MMORPG turn-oriented video game for Android and iOS devices. Players will be allowed to enter RPG fight and collect monsters in a well-designed three dimensional environment. When accessing other monster-collecting video games, one thing is clear and unique with Summoners War – quality. Players will see that each monster displaying in this amazing video game comes with special properties and skills.

With these unique skills and features, every monster in the game will be able to fit into several fighting positions. This can be found in combination positions, attack roles, a support role, a tank role and just to mention a few. The rune system of this game will help to make personalization easy and simple for players.

Gamers will actively take part and view war when playing this game. Monsters in the game will fight effectively and posses real-time features. These monsters can be given the command and instruction to attack foes simply by using their fighting skills. Summoners War is an interactive and strategic game that most mobile RPGs may lack in real-time.


Plenty of monsters to collect in this game

The game comes with inbuilt forums that are designed for every monster

Fun and sophisticated fighting mechanics


Players will have to pay real cash to win elements

There is lots of grinding in the game


Many MMORPG turn-based video games may be complex to understand and play, but not for Summoners War. Even a novice gamer will understand how to use the major features of the game. The combat mechanics are sophisticated, classic, elegant and fun to use. The inbuilt forums in the game have helped in improving player’s know-how. One amazing thing that makes this game unique is the massive existence of monsters to collect. In a nutshell, Summoners War is a game you must not miss.

ESO Templar Healing Builds – How To Find The Best


Those who are into online games and are following the latest developments of it would most certainly understand more about ESO which stands for Elder Scrolls Online. It is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world today. Within a short period of launch this role-playing game has reached high levels of acceptability amongst millions of gaming enthusiasts. Launched in April 2014 as a free version, it became a paid version in March 2015. The console and play station versions also became big hits when launched in June 2015. The game has undergone quite a few modifications and the role of choosing a suitable ESO Templar build is extremely important and relevant to say the least.

Those who have played this game and know it quite thoroughly would certainly understand the importance of templar builds. They help a lot in the healing process. Healing without any doubt is a favorite role as far as any variant of ESO is concerned. It is not only about healing but also when the right templar is built it could also help a lot in damaging enemy lines apart from helping in defend one’s territory and the territories of allies. If properly understood and put to practice it can be great fun to say the least. Compared to other MMOs playing ESO with the right templar build will certainly be an exhilarating and worth remembering experience.

A Few Reasons Why A Templar Healing Build Could Make All The Difference

Templar builds have been known to offer the best of resources in terms of magicka and stamina whenever they are needed and even perhaps on demand. Further they can heal without taking recourse to Breath of life or line of sight. As of now using these templar builds it is possible only to heal two players. But in spite of this constraint there is no doubt that when it comes to healing part is plays a hugely vital role as far as the ESO game is concerned.

The reason for increasing popularity and usage of templar healing build is because it has the ability to play in as many groups as possible and don the role of a healer. It offers significant amount of burst heal. Further the same can also be improved by keeping the allies in the right position or in an extended ritual circle. It is useful for various types of bosses including CoA, unless of course you have a vampire in the group.

How To Make The Best Use Of Your Templar

The efficiency levels if ESO can increase quite significantly provided you are able to make optimal use of the templar builds. There is no doubt that templar comes with its own share of exciting bonuses. However, all this can happen only with proper character creation and leveling. Further you must also know how to play the best and make effective use of the facilities. Here are a few tips which perhaps could help you in this direction.

Don the role of Argonian – When it comes to best use of Templar it has been proven time and again that Argonian is perhaps the best way forward. If you are using it as a group healer. They come with a number of benefits and offer natural boosts to the restoration staff that have a critical role to play. It also helps them to aid in their own natural healing which could certainly make a big difference. Those who are in the Ebonheart Pact will find Argonian and the relevant Templar builds extremely useful.

Playing as Altmer could also help – It would be pertinent to mention here that Altmer has the advantage of offering natural bonus and the same gets added to the magicka pools and also the magicka regens. Hence they certainly could gel with Templar builds. They also provide a second line of defense to the Destruction staff and protect them from enemies quite effectively. When you are looking for a damage-minimizing Templar doing so with Altmer could certainly help.

Playing as Breton will also not be a bad choice because of some obvious reasons. They have a number of race-based bonuses which could help to protect themselves. It will certainly help a lot in keeping them alive long enough to carry through the battle. However, this feature is available only for those who are in Daggerfall Covenant.

Finally you could also play as Dunmer who have a relatively larger Magicka pool. Hence they can well and truly help in making great Templars. They are famous for their resistances and bonuses which are offensive. This helps a lot in keeping the entire battle extremely well balanced. They are available for use with Ebonheart Pact

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages

There are obviously a number of advantages and also a few downsides as far as ESO Templar healing build is concerned. It suits best when one plays in group in PVE and uses it as a healer. It helps in increasing the overall strength and well being of your defense and offense. However, with a vampire around you may not be able to get the best out of this healing build.

Coming to disadvantages, unless the positioning of your group is scientific and well planned you may not be able to get the best results. This form of healing may also not work when you are engaged in heavy fights. Heavy fights would require you to move a lot and in such cases it might be better to opt for illustrious healing.


At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that opting for the right templar healing builds would certainly go a long way in making the entire game of ESO that much more exciting, and effective. You will certainly be able to enhance the defense and attack quite substantially while securing the safety and well being of your recovery team and attack team. However, you may have to spend some time looking out for the right templar build which will suit your style of play and the options and variants which you choose. Therefore opting for pre-built templar could be a better choice.