How to Get the Most Out of Your Gaming Keyboard

By Lemley


What to Look for in a Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards come in all simple and complex variations with a variety of different price points. Gaming keyboards can greatly differ by quality, performance, and price. There are many things you will need to be looking for when choosing your gaming keyboard, such as quality of the build, comfort, and customization.

Make sure you get a keyboard that is anti-ghosting. Ghosting is when a keyboard stops registering keys if you’re pressing multiple keys at once. This is also know as key rollover. Traditional keyboards may only be able to read two keys at once, but the ideal gaming keyboard should be able to read an unlimited number of keys at once. Standard for gaming keyboards is about 6 keys at once, but there are higher-end models that have no key rollover whatsoever. These are definitely the best gaming keyboards for serious players.

The type of switch that sends the key command to the computer once you press the key can also make a huge difference as far as functionality goes for your gaming keyboard. The preferred switch type for gaming keyboards is mechanical, as compared to more traditional keyboards that have a membraneous switch. If you’ve ever taken apart a keyboard, you’ve seen the gelatinous mass that is hit when you push a key. These types of switches can be floaty and unreliable in the competitive gaming market. Mechanical switches are the go-to for serious players.

The quality of the build as far as durability is concerned is another key factor when deciding on a good gaming keyboard. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is generally always true, and that’s no different when it comes to gaming keyboards. Serious players shouldn’t shy away from spending a hefty amount on a gaming keyboard so that they can be assured it will both last a lifetime and perform well for it.

Lastly, be sure your keyboard is fully customizable and has the amount of keys you will need for the games you want to play. Many keyboards come with different mapping software, and you will want to be well-versed in their different capabilities and limitations. A lot of keyboards for serious gamers will have a number of extra keys that a traditional keyboard would not. These are used for programming specific macros, or multi-button functions. Finding the right keyboard can be tricky, so don’t rush it.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Gaming Keyboard

Get to know it

All gaming keyboards are the same, yet different. You will want to become fully accustomed to your gaming keyboard so that you can know it like the back of your hand. You will also want to make sure it knows you, too, and that you break it in plenty before expecting the most out of it. Looking down at your keyboard while in the throes of a deathmatch can prove an unyielding victory for your competitor. Knowing exactly where each key is and what it’s set to will make you an invincible gaming machine.

Take advantage of all the keys

Gaming keyboards will usually have some extra keys, and they will have these for a reason. Customizing controls and setting your own personal macros to the keys you choose will both personalize and greatly enhance the experience you will have with your gaming keyboard.

Customizing the lights

Gaming keyboards generally feature a fully-lit LED display that can be modified to your whims. These modifications can correlate with gameplay or just be made to look nice and fit in with your gaming environment. Some games even work in tandem with the lights on your gaming keyboards to give you a multi-dimensional and immersive experience.

Treat it right

Your gaming keyboard should be a valued tool in your gaming conquests. Don’t hit it just because some tricky player gets a shot in before you do. Also, if your computer crashes, it’s not your keyboards fault, and never spill your Mountain Dew on it. When the keys start sticking, it can be hell to make them click the same way ever again. Your gaming keyboard needs to be treated just right and it will treat your right in return.

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