Summoners War The MMORPG turn-based Mobile Game

By Lemley


Summoners War remains an MMORPG turn-based video game. In this game, players will have to summon a plethora of beasts and other dangerous creatures to fight. Collecting Mana and Crystals will help to speed your performance in this video game for mobile devices. In Summoners War, you will discover a massive summoning system that enable for supports and in-depth personalization of a variety of playstyles. The game stormed the marketplace around June 12, 2014 and became a global sensation. Com2uS remains the publisher of the game and its playerbase is high.

Major Features:

1P and PvP modes – Players have the opportunity to play alone or compete with other rivals in this game

Turn-oriented RPG combat – With some critical effects and great abilities, players will enjoy the final fabulous-motivated RPG wars in this video game

Advice forums – On the individual monster pages, you have the opportunity to read comments and amazing advice from all gamers. This is possible because of the Summoners War inbuilt system

Monster collection – To satisfy your playstyle, there are several monsters to evolve, upgrade and collect

Sky island headquarters – Players will be given the opportunity to construct their hub or protection fortress from the scratch

Game Overview:

As mentioned above, this a MMORPG turn-oriented video game for Android and iOS devices. Players will be allowed to enter RPG fight and collect monsters in a well-designed three dimensional environment. When accessing other monster-collecting video games, one thing is clear and unique with Summoners War – quality. Players will see that each monster displaying in this amazing video game comes with special properties and skills.

With these unique skills and features, every monster in the game will be able to fit into several fighting positions. This can be found in combination positions, attack roles, a support role, a tank role and just to mention a few. The rune system of this game will help to make personalization easy and simple for players.

Gamers will actively take part and view war when playing this game. Monsters in the game will fight effectively and posses real-time features. These monsters can be given the command and instruction to attack foes simply by using their fighting skills. Summoners War is an interactive and strategic game that most mobile RPGs may lack in real-time.


Plenty of monsters to collect in this game

The game comes with inbuilt forums that are designed for every monster

Fun and sophisticated fighting mechanics


Players will have to pay real cash to win elements

There is lots of grinding in the game


Many MMORPG turn-based video games may be complex to understand and play, but not for Summoners War. Even a novice gamer will understand how to use the major features of the game. The combat mechanics are sophisticated, classic, elegant and fun to use. The inbuilt forums in the game have helped in improving player’s know-how. One amazing thing that makes this game unique is the massive existence of monsters to collect. In a nutshell, Summoners War is a game you must not miss.

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