Choosing Pasadena Office Space For Lease: Important Factors to Consider


Pasadena is one of the best cities in Los Angeles, California in regards to office space. The city has an adequate supply of all kinds of offices from traditional offices to serviced and virtual offices. Besides having great and ample office space (over 500 office buildings), the city has some great infrastructure for supporting business from freeways and highways to airports and a great public transit system. It is however important to note that it can be quite challenging finding suitable Pasadena office space for lease if you don’t know what to look out for. Below are the top factors to consider when you want to choose the perfect Pasadena office space for you. 

1. Transportation convenience/accessibility

This is by far one of the most important things to consider when looking for office space for lease anywhere let alone Pasadena. Although Pasadena has a great transport system, some office buildings are located more conveniently than others. The best Pasadena office space for you should be conveniently located near your preferred mode of transport. You should also consider your clientele and staff in this regard. The closer your office is to the public transit system, the better it will be for you, your clients and your staff. Ideally, you should choose office space which offers you a variety of options so that it’s possibly to access both private and public transport conveniently at any given time. 

2. Cost

Cost is another important consideration when choosing Pasadena office space for lease. Like any other city in Los Angeles, Pasadena has a wide variety of both expensive and cheap offices. Ideally, your choice of office space should be dictated by your budget. Lease prices of offices in Pasadena are dictated by factors such as space, location, amenities etc. like any other offices worldwide. Although it is possible to find good cheap offices in the outskirts of Pasadena, the offices may end up being costly in regards to travel expenses and security among other factors. It is advisable to make all these cost-related considerations before you make a final decision which should be ultimately be guided by your budget. 

3. Lease terms

You should also consider the lease terms before you consider leasing any office space in Pasadena. This consideration is important because lease terms vary depending on many factors the most notable being landlords. For instance commercial landlords in Pasadena offer slightly shorter office space leases i.e. 6 months with the option of renewing the contact for periods as long as 5 years. In general, Pasadena landlords are more willing to negotiate for longer lease periods. In simple terms, you stand to get better terms for a longer lease than a short one. 

4. Business image

This is another very important consideration when looking for office space for lease in Pasadena. It is important to understand the relationship between business image and office space in Pasadena. For instance, choosing an office in Old Pasadena gives you a prestigious business image and reputation. If prestige is one of your main concerns when choosing office space in Pasadena, you should consider leasing an office in Old Pasadena. It is important to note that you are more likely to have an easier time doing business in Pasadena when you consider a prime location that gives you a prestigious business image. Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of office space in Pasadena to match any business image you want. 


In summary, the above considerations should help you make an informed decision when choosing office space for lease in Pasadena. Considering all the above factors together should help you get the perfect office space for you in Pasadena. It is however important to keep an open mind to other considerations that may also guide you in the right direction.

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